Image Created by @sylmdesigns

Image Created by @sylmdesigns

Shoshana (Shushy) Turin

Shoshana (Shushy) Turin is probably eating something right now. It's probably chocolate, cheese, or pasta.  If she's not doing that she might be baking a new batch of cookies or creating the best recipe ever (again) or binge watching something on Hulu.

What she is supposed to be doing is either writing reports for her Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Pace, taking care of her adorable two year old daughter and unbelievable husband, or going to sleep. She loves reading the latest cookbooks, trying new flavors, and shoes. There is a wall of shoes in her bedroom and she isn't ashamed of it. The pictures and food on this website are hers and she has probably already eaten whatever it is you are looking at so don't ask if you can have some (even though she really does love to share). She is a firm believer that you can do anything you set your mind to, or at least pretend to very well.

Shoshana actually does cook in heels for two reasons. The first is that she runs to the kitchen as soon as she gets home, too quick to even kick off her shoes. The second is that can't reach the cabinets without them because she is short.

Shoshana has been featured in Ami Magazine, Binah Magazine, Joy of Kosher Magazine, FYI Magazine, on,, The Nosher and on several blogs. She's too lazy to put links to those posts so you'll just have to trust us.