Drunk Brownies with Questionable Morals AKA Time To Celebrate!

Okay so lets pretend that I’ve been religiously posting to my blog all summer and that I haven’t been severely neglecting creating new recipes. Also let’s pretend I didn’t just have the worst semester of life where I was expected to know the pathophysiology of every disease known to man and how to treat it in the teeny tiny time frame of 12 weeks. (It was hell. But I got all A’s thanks to my amazing supportive family and very helpful classmates). We’re going to pretend this didn’t happen because secretly I have been writing up a bazillion recipes and jotting down ideas wherever I can find a scrap of paper. I guess stress fuels creativity.


Despite all that, somehow I still managed to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram! It’s amazing how many of you have been there all along the way encouraging me, and supporting me. I think in the 3 years that I have been posting (though its only been a little more than 1 year since @Cookinginheelss started) I have not had one negative comment. That’s incredible! (Also, as I have mentioned, my memory is terrible so could be I am totally wrong on this…) Thank you all so much for being amazing!!


This recipe, is one of my most groundbreaking, history making, earth shaking, ideas. Despite being on the clean eating diet- which is working out fantastically for weight loss and reducing migraines (12 lbs. down and 4 to go! Whoop! BUH Bye baby weight!!)- And not being able to taste this I have full confidence that this recipe is incredible. Why? How? And any left for me to try?, you ask?


Let me describe the face my tasters made. They hold the sticky brownie in their hand, fingers glistening with caramel sauce, and simultaneously swallow to reduce the salivation that has accumulated in their mouths, eyes wide with anticipation. That first bite, the soft fudgy brownie spreads over the surface of the tongue and sticks to the roof of the mouth coating its entirety in absolute bliss. There is a moment hesitation, where my heart stops beating, “is it bad? Do they like it?” Then their eyes roll back and a moan escapes their lips as they allow themselves to be consumed by its complexity, its warmth, and its perfection. I kid you not. This is how every single person reacted. Unless you ask my brother in laws who gave me the ultimate teenage boy compliment of “Ahhhhwe-some!” If that isn’t confirmation, I don’t know what is. Also, in response to that last question, sorry, they are all gone. Go make your own.

So where did this inspiration come from you ask? Or quite possibly didn’t ask but who cares cuz I’m going to tell you anyway. So I’ve heard of Brownies with questionable morals, tittered at the name and tasted their deliciousness. But if you know me, I always want to go bigger and better. #Winning! Also, I kinda wanted more moistness in there just cuz a fudgy brownie is way better than a cakey one.  Then, I saw some caramel stuffed brownies on Instagram (wish I could remember who’s account it was on so I could give the guy credit.) Anyway, this guy said in order to keep the caramel from smooshing into the brownie, he lightly piped the top layer over the caramel. GENIUS! And that was when it clicked!  I should put caramel in between the layers!!! Make great even better!!!

Then, I was like, hey! You know what is better than Brownies with Oreos and Cookie dough?? DRUNKEN brownies with Oreos and Cookie Dough! YAAAAASSSSS! That’s the kind of thing you bring to a party! Giving all the deliciousness away for FREEEEE! Let’s spike the caramel and make this into a party!! MUUUSSSSTTTT!  Thanks brain for being the trashiest food junkie imaginable.


For those of us bringing this to nice parties, you may call these Intoxicated Eishes Chayil (Good Wife) Brownies or just The Most Amazing Awesomeness You Have Never Tasted! Or don’t bring them anywhere. Just hide in the closet and polish off the pan by yourself. It’s probably safer that way right? *wink wink*